Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to choose the best MOT station for your needs?

Here at Oldfields Garage Leominster, we don't believe in rushing an MOT or heavy discounting to entice customers to come to us. 

We aim to provide a fair MOT that ensures our customers and their families are safe in their cars or vans, making you aware of advisory items that may require consideration/attention in the future. We allow 45 minutes to an hour for every vehicle (and if it requires more time to inspect fully we are happy to do that). 

The MOT test is designed to ensure all road using vehicles meet a minimum standard. The standard is set by the DVSA and all MOT testers have to attend an MOT testers course to be able to carry out the test. It is the responsibility of the Testing Station to manage and monitor the quality of the MOT. 

Our MOT testers are experienced and trained technicians who not only carry out MOT tests, but also routine maintenance - giving them a better understanding of assessing vehicle safety.

What vehicles can Oldfields Garage Test?
Oldfields Garages can test Class 4 vehicles. Vehicles are tested based on their Class rating, with cars and vans under 3 tonne being rated as Class 4. Motor Caravans, Dual Purpose Vehicles (such as twin cab pickups), vehicles up to 8 seats and Private passenger vehicles and ambulances 9-12 seats are also class 4. 

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