Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to Find a New Garage when Moving to a New Area?

If you have moved to a new area and drive a vehicle, finding a good local garage you can trust is something that will crop up and you'll need to think about.

There are a number of ways you can look and I'm going to highlight a few key questions that will help you identify the type of garage to fit your needs.

Have they got a Website?
Searching Online is one of the most popular ways of finding a garage, but a good garage would normally have website with there address, contact details along with information of any bodies they are a member of or recommended by. They would normally have a link to reviews on their site.

Do they subscribe to a Office of Fair Trading Code of Practice?
Most good quality garages will subscribe to a Code of Practice, such as the Motor Industry Code of Practice (Motor Codes). Garages who subscribe must adhere to a minimum standards and would usually have several reviews for you to look at. You can visit Motor Codes here and use the "find a garage feature." If a garage has more than 20 feedback reviews it would be reasonable to consider these

Are they Approved by Reputed Motoring Organisations such as the AA or RAC?
MotorCodes approved garages are currently inspected every 2 years by the AA (although this is not going to happen in the future), but the AA also run a list of garages in an area that they would recommend for customers who break down in an area. If you are an AA member you can contact them and they should be able to provide some recommendations for an area.

The RAC also have approved garages who are inspected annually and you can find these by visiting  
there garage finder. RAC approved garages are also allowed to display an RAC sign on their building.

How Long Have they Trading?
Whilst it isn't necessarily important how long a garage has been operating, Garages that have longevity would normally indicate they provide a service level that meets the needs of the local community.

Is the Garage Generally Busy?
If a garage is generally busy then this is normally an indication of their reputation in the local area. Good Garages are usually busy, but will also try to accommodate you if possible - setting a realistic timescale.

Do they Offer Courtesy Cars or Collection and Delivery?
This may or may not be important to you, but it is worth considering to allow some flexibility with getting your car looked after. It is also helpful during busy times with the garage.

Do they have enough Staff?
This might sound a silly consideration, but if a garage only has one member of staff they are unlikely to be able to respond quickly to an emergency.

Are their Staff Qualified to the Required Level?
Keeping up to date with modern vehicles is very important as vehicles and their management systems are becoming more complex. Garages who regularly provide staff training would usually display these in there reception area.

Have you Asked your Neighbours?
If you have a garage in mind following your research don't forget to ask your Neighbours what their reputation is like.

About us: Oldfields Garage in Leominster is an award winning Garage who are approved by The AA and RAC. They subscribe to the Motor Industry Code of Practice and are part of the Approved Garages Network. 

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