Thursday, 7 July 2016

Preparing your car for Summer...

With the help of Approved Garages, we've put together just a few simple tips to help you ensure your car is ready for the Summer. 
  • Air conditioning
Switch on your air conditioning system and put your hand in front of it – does it let our sufficient cold air? If you're travelling in warm weather (HOPEFULLY), keeping the vehicle cool can ensure the trip is comfortable for you and your family.

Oldfields Garage Services can re-gas your air conditioning system for £42 inc VAT. We can also combine this with an antibacterial treatment for your system for just £55 inc VAT. Keeping your vehicle air conditioning system topped up helps to clear your screen, can improve your fuel economy and helps to ensure you are comfortable. 
  • Tyres
Tyres are the only thing between your car and the road! Making sure you have plenty of tread enables you to stay safe. Tyre pressure also plays a vital part in this (along with ensuring they don't wear prematurely and fuel economy is maximised). You should also check for rips, tears, bulges or bald spots.  
  • Brake system
Your brakes need regular checks too – and it’s a good time to start thinking about them in summer. Inspect the brakes at regular intervals as advised in your user manual. Winter traffic tends to be slower than summer traffic and the freezing conditions have its toll on the brakes. We can have a visual inspection on your brakes to ensure these are in tip top condition. 
  • Oil
This is simple enough to check – pull out the car’s dipstick and check the level and also the colour of the oil. Ensure it meets the mark (Below maximum, above minimum) and the colour should be a sort of amber (this tends to be black on a diesel). 
  • Cool the Coolant
First of all, check the level of the coolant – is this between the minimum and maximum markers? Remember that the biggest reason for summer car breakdowns is due to overheating, so keeping the cooling system in order is vital. You should also check the concentration of the liquid. If you are not confident doing this, get Oldfields Garage Services to check the concentration for you. 
  • Clearing the windscreen
You need a crystal clear view, especially with the sun glaring down and obscuring your vision. Ensure that your windscreen is in good condition, your washer fluid is topped up and replace any worn blades. Wiper blades tend to go hard over time and don't clear correctly. A new pair of blades can improve visibility (we also stock the most popular fitment Bosch wiper blades). Using screenwash fluid helps to clear your screen effectively. 
  • Going on a journey?
If you're going on a long journey over the summer, you might want to book your car in for a pre-journey check. Call one of our team on 01568 612436 or Email

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