Monday, 28 May 2018

MOT changes - New Items that come into the MOT test from May 2018

May 20th 2018 was an important date in the world of MOT testing as it brought some of the most significant changes to the MOT in recent times. 
Below are a list of the items that are now tested in the MOT. 
  • brake fluid contamination
  • additional braking device performance
  • daytime running lamps
  • front fog lamps
  • reversing lamps
  • bumpers
  • prop shafts
  • all rear drive shafts
  • cab security
  • cab steps
  • floors
  • passenger hand grips (quads and heavy trikes only)
  • noise suppression material
  • undertray security
  • emission control equipment:
    • oxygen sensor
    • NOx sensor
    • exhaust gas recirculation valve
    • other emission control equipment
  • engine malfunction indicator lamp
  • diesel particulate filter (DPF) tampering
  • fluid leaks - engine, transmission and so on

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