Sunday, 10 May 2015

What is the difference between a Service & MOT?

We are sometimes asked what's the difference between a Service and MOT? I'm going to try to explain this as succinctly as possible. In the simplest of terms, the MOT is a legal requirement and must be carried out on Cars and Vans at least once per year to ensure the vehicle is safe for the road. Without a valid MOT, your vehicle will not be able to be legally driven on the road, with the exception of taking it to and from an MOT test centre. 

Servicing on the other hand is aimed at maintaining your vehicle, helping to ensure it operates at its optimum level. Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing after a certain amount of miles (usually around 10,000) or after a certain period of time (usually 12 months). Timescales and mileage recommendations vary depending on the vehicle and manufacture. Servicing is increasingly important with modern vehicles to ensure miles per gallon efficiency remains strong and components of the vehicle don't wear or damage prematurely - causing  unnecessary expensive repair bills. Items that have a recommended service life can include engine oil & filter, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, spark plugs (on petrols), cambelts/timing belts, air conditioning systems, brake fluid and so on. Whilst the vehicle is still in its warranty period it is important to carry out servicing to the schedule set by the manufacturer using parts and oils that meet manufacturer's specification. You don't however have to take your vehicle to a main dealer to keep the warranty valid due to the European Block Exemption Laws. 

With quality servicing there will inevitably be some crossover with the requirements of an MOT and this will vary depending on the level of Service that is carried out. 

For an example on a major service, like our Silver Service we would pre-flush the engine, cleaning the inside of the engine ready for fresh oil and renewing the oil filter. We also change the cabin filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs as necessary, check the vehicle underbonnet levels, tyre condition and pressures along with inspecting safety items, such as brakes, brake pipes and other safety/maintenance checks.

Oldfields Garage Services Ltd in Leominster carry out MOT testing for cars and light vans and provide a variety of servicing options, which can be found by visiting our website.