Sunday, 14 February 2016

How capable is your garage?

When you take your car or van to a garage you should feel assured that they have the capability to look after it!

Garages need to invest in keeping up to date with vehicle changes. This starts from the bottom up, apprentices are given the time to learn and assist more senior technicians and allowed to flourish over time. Senior technicians are provided with up to date information and have the resources to carry out work of a more technical nature.

At Oldfields Garage Services Ltd in Leominster, we do this in three ways.

Firstly - choosing the right staff. All of our staff are trained and have the necessary skills to carry out the level of work that is required. We have a mix of time served mechanics and younger team members, which gives us a blend of experience and the ability to keep up to date with modern changes with your vehicle. For example, our apprentice not only learns about general mechanical maintenance (which hasn't changed massively since cars hit the roads), but also the latest technology and systems on newer vehicles.

Secondly - providing training. We have access to excellent training, but being independent this doesn't tie us to any one provider. We make a conscious effort to invest in training for our team to update and refresh their skills and keep us up to date with technological changes. One example is

Thirdly - specialist tools, information and diagnostics. Oldfields Garage subscribes to several sources of technical information which enables us to carry out more technical diagnostics and procedural tasks. Throughout the year we invest in some of the latest specialist tooling which enables us to carry out work efficiently and in some cases simply just carry out basic jobs!

Some of our specialist diagnostic tools include Bosch KTS, Delphi Diagnostics, Launch (general diagnostics for most manufacturers), Delphi Diagnostics, VAG Com (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat), Battery/Charging Testers, Oscilloscope (for advanced testing and vehicle data measurement).

About us: Oldfields Garage in Leominster is an award winning Garage who are approved by The AA and RAC. They subscribe to the Motor Industry Code of Practice and are part of the Approved Garages Network.